Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Furniture Concepts

Part of getting this house together, for me, is making sure everything has a place.  It annoys me when I'm usure as to where something belongs or the most accessible place for frequently used items.  And in the kitchen, you figure that stuff out pretty quickly.  At least, we do.  But that's the room that gets the most attention.

Since my front room is largely empty (with the exception of two bookcases), I'm trying to figure out what I want in there.  So far, I'm looking at a desk--something simple with clean lines that will give me a place to organize bills, etc.

I'm thinking about this.  The wood in our house is mostly done in a cherry stain that is this color or a bit lighter, but what do you think?  Simplicity and beauty?  Functional?

And then there's furniture.  I realize I won't be getting some of it for a while, but I want chairs and maybe a loveseat with exposed legs.  Something like this in design:

But keep in mind that I'm not really looking for black leather.  Maybe red cloth?

So there you have it.  My random thoughts on a Tuesday evening before school is out.  How exciting.

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Armanda said...

I really like that desk. It's big enough you can work at it but not so big you are tempted to use it as a catch all. And it has drawers. I wish our desk had drawers but it came to the marriage with the husband so I didn't get to pick :)