Sunday, May 1, 2011

Prayer Monday 5/2

Yesterday, as I read all of the prayer requests on Kelly's Day of Prayer Post, my heart broke for all of the hurt in the world.  It may be something we know deep down, but I think that it is easy to forget how many people are truly suffering due to circumstances in their lives.  I read each request and did my best to take them in my heart and put them in God's hands.  That's what I wanted for so many of these people--for them to know the healing power of being held.

If you take the opportunity to read these requests, I sure hope it won't be a "put my life in perspective" activity for you.  I think you can appreciate the hurt of others and pray for those requests, but that doesn't mean your hurt or pain is minimized.  It simply means there are others who may share your boat.

There are people praying for salvation, those hurt by flooding and tornados, women who have dealt with infertility or lost young children, families dealing with cancer, people desperate to heal the pain of loneliness.  And, unfortunately, that is just the tip of the iceburg.  I would certainly never want to minimize those situations or spout spiritual platitudes, but I do honestly pray that when comfort feels like the last thing on earth available, people know without a shadow of doubt they are being held.  I pray for the blessing of hope.

Prayer Requests
*  My family--I know it may sound strange, but our dog is likely in the last stages of his cancer.  My mother has just asked us to pray that he die so she doesn't have to go through putting him down.  Dogs become a part of the family and we've had Wicket for 12 it's just a sad time for them.

*  Victims of the flooding as it continues to rain.  Kate and Sheena, who generally participate here, are certainly being affected as their schools have let out due to the fact that many students just can't get there.  It's likely Sheena may not be back in before the end of the school year.  It's really that bad.  People have lost homes, belongings, and it continues to pour here.  Please pray God's hand would intervene.  And pray this disaster would at least draw us together as a community.

*  My Favorite.

*  I'd appreciate it if you would still pray for my body.  There are many things that are looking up these days, and I finally showed a pretty decent weight loss after two weeks of no carbs.  I'm praying those two weeks were a "hard reset" for my body, and now that I can add back "good" carbs, I will continue to lose weight so everything works correctly.

*  I have some dear friends who are going through a private situation.  Please pray for their comfort and healing.

So much hurt.  Sometimes I don't know how to pray for people because there is so much hurt in this world.  We want to trust you and depend on You when times are unsure.  I just pray You would draw us.  Give a deep love for You and Your Word.  Pull our hearts to study scripture and know You deeply.  In times like these, help us find the hope and help You have promised.  We will trust You for what You can provide, Lord.  We are believing You.  You are our hope and our salvation.  Whom shall we fear?


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