Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just A Little Chat

I realized today that I spend a lot of time alone.  Like.  A lot.

Normally that doesn't bother me.  Favorite and I work opposite shifts, and I really miss him throughout the week, but I've learned that I can use that time to decompress, grade and keep the house tidy.  I also don't have an endless supply of friends.  And honestly?  That doesn't bother me either.  I have pruned some things out of my life because I was unwilling to deal with the circumstances.  The friends I have left are true to color (if you know what I mean), and I have a few budding friendships that seem really promising on that front.

But today I think it would be nice to just sit on my porch and discuss ways to harvest the wheat that is my front yard with a good friend.

Kidding.  Slightly.  There is wheat in my front yard.  But that post for a different day.

I think sometimes it would just be nice to be able to unload my mind and receive immediate feedback.  You know?

Like grad school.  I started looking at the grad school application process today.  Good.  Gracious.  And some of the requirements make me just a little sick to my stomach.  I don't know that I even remember how to be a student anymore, but I think it's good practice to keep myself mindful of my own students' situations.

Or the SBD (South Beach Diet).  How it's ok on some days.  And how I allow myself a cheat a couple of days a week as long as it's not huge.  How my weight loss has stayed in the 9-10 lb range.

I'd talk about trusting God and being scared.  I'd talk about prayer concerns for others.  We'd laugh over something stupid one of us said.

It probably wouldn't be significant.

I take that back.  It would be significant to me.

This post has no purpose whatsoever; sometimes I just need to talk.

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Kerri said...

It may be random, but I couldn't stop reading!