Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oversharing with Coffee

I know I say "I realized" a lot, but you have to understand, because I teach high school, every day is a new day.  A hundred thoughts are regularly running through my head (what should I eat?  Is there a better choice?  I need to exercise?!  Where can I buy cheap, cute furniture?  Do I look fat in this?  Why did she say that to me?  I wonder if I can do something to help?  Who do I need to call about this?  Seriously?  etc.); therefore, it's amazing I manage to keep anything straight.  And that pretty much guarantees that everything is a revelation.

Which is why I'm so easy to impress.  It sparkles?  I'm impressed.

But today I was reminded how crucial it is that we share our life circumstances with one another.  Over and over in Bible study we've discussed what seems to be a current problem in the Christian community:  We don't honestly share our lives.  And if no one is walking an example in front of you, how in the world could anyone learn to nagivate muddy waters?

I don't mean to go all broken record on you about the things that have hurt me in the past year.  I talk about it partially to work through the things I don't quite understand and partially to keep from developing the "it's-all-about-me-and-you-can't-possibly-understand-how-I-feel" arrogance.  I've been there.  It's ugly.  And not I-forgot-to-put-on-make-up-today-ugly.  It's Medusa ugly.  (HOO-RAY for random literary comparisons.)  Sharing has afforded me the opportunity to realize that other people have similar feelings--even in different circumstances.  So it is possible to "get" someone else...even in a completely different stage of life.

On another note, Favorite and I got one of these for our anniversary:

So if coffee and oversharing could ever possibly glorify God, then I'm totally walking the straight and narrow.  (Well, there's that obedience thing, too...I'm still on the wagon in case you were wondering.)

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Sheena said...

Let me know if you like it...I may need one.