Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge 5/25

1.  What is something about living in this country that you value? 'This country' is whatever country you call home. 

I value the fact that I can be a woman with the liberty to think for herself.  I value the fact that I can pray openly and share what God is doing in my life without fear of retribution.  And I pray that I cultivate each of those things now, while I have those liberties, so I will hopefully be in the habit of pursuing them regardless of legalities.

2. What is a favorite something you own that is red, white, and/or blue? 
*  I have a navy blue dress I bought at Walmart that I LUUURRRVVVEEE.  I especially like that I paid $15 for it.
*  I have a red purse that was my very first Coach purse.  Definitely some sentimental attachment as my parents bought it for me :)  Well, that and I have this thing with purses...and bags.  And I think I'm developing that attachment to jewelry...
*  My guest bathroom is actually "done up" in red, white and blue (or will be when I finally finish actually putting a house together--how long does that take by the way?).

3. Do you fly a flag at your house on patriotic holidays? 
Not generally.  On the 4th of July, we're too busy celebrating my entrance into the world.

4. What ingredients do you think should be included in a great picnic basket?

Fresh fruit is a start.  Some sort of fresh tomato, olive oil, cheese blend with a really great, crusty bread.  An array of cheeses with accompanying crackers.  Hummus.  Fresh veggies with some sort of dip.  Casey's pineapple salsa with chips (and I've decided only she makes it right).  Sangria.  Basically, everything we all end up bringing when we head to the winery for a summer visit.

Oh, and add in a board game or two and a group of friends--if you have a big enough basket.

5. What is one interesting piece of trivia you know? Interesting is of course a relative term. 

 I'm not sure I can "trivia" on command, but I know a lot of random information that doesn't benefit anyone.  Since I teach this, I'll just share this information (even though Lil Bro will totally take credit for informing me):  Julius Caesar (from the play of the same name--lol) chooses his nephew, Octavian, as his heir.  Though Rome was not yet under the single rule of an emperor, Octavian is eventually given the post (through several interesting events I won't detail here).

Of course, later he changes his name to Augustus and we read a little about his exploits at the beginning of the gospel of Matthew.

6. Wednesday, May 24th is National Escargot day...have you ever tried them? Eww or ooh? 
In 1994, I went to Florida with my high school band.  A group of us ended up eating at The Brown Derby at MGM and a boy in our group ordered them (along with rack of lamb.  His bill was astronomical).  It took me forever to put the sucker in my mouth, but I will say it was delicious.

I can't promise it wouldn't take me just as long to put one in my mouth again, though.

7. What is one thing you know for sure?

That he who began a good work in me will carry it on until the day of completion (Phil. 1:6).

8. I am so ready to be "comfortable" in my house--pictures on the wall, rooms with furniture, floors mopped, everything out of the trailer, etc.  UGH.  Sometimes I'm not even sure what to buy because I don't know if it will "fit" into the space.  I'm just going to start buying and putting things in there anyway.

Oh, and I'm totally going to learn how to lay a paving stone patio this summer at my basement walk out.  We can thank Young House Love for that nifty piece of information.


Joyce said...

I am smiling at the boy ordering rack of lamb and escargot on a school trip. I am not sure I've ever lived in a house I'd call 'done' They are all a work in progress. About the time you've got everything the way you want it, it's time to start re-doing. The joys of home ownership : )

Anonymous said...

Your picnic basket sounds divine!!! The story about your classmate was too funny! Oh the dumb things we do when we're young!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Love your answer to #3! I want to go on your picnic! Enjoy the rest of your week.