Friday, May 27, 2011

I Have A Dream of Decoration

Favorite is THE man.

While I was at school the last two days, he put knobs on my pantry doors, fixed the remaining parts of the banister (it's officially finished!), routered the shelves for the bathroom and almost finished hanging one of them.

It's going to be a homey place, ya'll. 

I'm working on a vision for the living room.  As I find things I like, I'll put up pictures.  I like the idea of eclectic peices that have an element in common (like a color).  But I'd also like that room to be multifunctional.  I need a place to write or sit and read or just relax without a television.  Since I have that beautiful bay window, I think that will be just the room.

I've glanced at some really cool odds and ends in places like Hobby Lobby and Target--mini ceramic end tables in bright colors, large vases that can double as door stops or umbrella holders, fun picture frames and colorful lamps.  Truthfully, I think I may just start buying things that strike my fancy and then make them work in the spaces I have.  Nothing says "me" quite like a room that goes together without the matchy-matchy element.

Plus, every time I see the pictures from Young House Love, I get a hankerin' for a completed and pulled-together room.

Maybe Sherry would be willing to come visit?  And bring a gift card?

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ktjane said...

I've become obsessed with Young House Love! It makes me want to take everything in my house apart and then put it back together is some cooler way. And that, my friend, is what summer is truly for.