Sunday, May 22, 2011

Prayer Monday, 5/23

My heart is really just broken right now.  I don't feel at liberty to share everything with you, but suffice it to say I witnessed some very ugly things this evening and I'm hurt by those things.  If I have ever needed people to come together and pray for God's Will to be accomplished in a big way, I need that now.

With everything in you, I need you to pray that God would guard the hearts of people who were witnesses to what took place.  We need God to move in a mighty way--offering direction, healing, conviction and unity.  We certainly need God to ward off any sense of bitterness, hatred, disgust or evil.

I do not want to see good, godly people allow anything to come between themselves and their Creator.  I don't want bitterness to take root and weed out the things God is accomplishing.

And girls, don't be mistaken.  My God is moving.  He is moving in my life, and I'm seeing evidence that He is moving in the lives of others.  Our Bible Study this evening was proof positive.

I'm still asking you to pray this for me:  pray that my heart would break with the things that also break God's heart. You can pray that I would just be inexplicably drawn to Him. I want desperately to be drawn to my knees before Him and to confess honestly what's in my life. I want that desperation to be met in Him alone, but I'm also ready for the aching to be over. I need to know that I'm in the center of His will--that my thinking is right and that will lead to right action. I need for my mouth to stay out of the way. And, apparently, I need to stop trying to find comfort in something other than Him.

And I'm asking that you intercede for my husband and my family.

Seek Him fervently.  He is moving.


Kerri said...

I join you in sincere, heartfelt prayer!

Anonymous said...

I love you and I'm praying ...
Aunt Diane

Sheena said...

praying without ceasing...