Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The House vs. The Trailer

Lack of hot water forced us into the new house before we were actually ready to move.  So we took our bed, a couple of changes of clothes and soap and basically came up to the house.  We slept here, took showers here and ate out often.

That was December.

It's June and I'm just now in the process of cleaning through the rooms--one by one.  Oddly enough, I'm finding that much of what is at the trailer is no longer needed...or wanted.  Today I transferred all of my shoes (mostly winter ones I hadn't needed) and a few items of clothing that didn't make the cut previously.  I found some random odds and ends that I threw in the basket as I was sorting.

Then I started a trash pile.  And half of what is over there can gladly go into the trash pile.

What I really need for the trailer is a dump truck so I can toss and say good riddance.

Anyone got a loaner?

1 comment:

Pleemiller said...

I'd let you use my garage...but you still can't walk in it even after a weekend of cleaning...bring your dump truck over to my house when you are done there good luck