Sunday, June 12, 2011

Prayer Monday 6/13

I am not very free with praise.  Criticism?  Completely and totally open.  Instruction?  Begging for you to need it.  But praise?  Doesn't blip on the radar very often.

Today was beautiful, though.  We spent almost the entire church service praising God for who He is.  For the fact that He is good.  For belief in what He will do.  It just reminded me that this is what obedience does for me.  It puts me in place with God so I can recognize Him for who He is.  I can recognize where I belong in relationship to Him.

I want to continue in my obedience to Him.  This is what I've been asking you to pray for me, and this week has been difficult.  Like I've said before, I want to DO something here.  I have difficulty with the fact that all things come by His hand.  I want to act.  I don't like sitting.  But there has been a sense of peace in the obedience.  And I want that peace to continue.  But I'm also asking that He'll act.  I've been reminding Him that His word says that if we ask, it will be given unto us.  So I'm asking.  And asking.  And asking.  And I'm believing.  And I'm remaining obedient.

Even though I have days where I struggle with that obedience.  Please, please pray for my heart and for a miracle.  Things only come by His hand.  I know that.  And my only hope comes from Him.

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Armanda said...

I'm a little late coming to the Prayer Monday party today!

Crystal, I am praying for God to continue to help with your obedience. I am praying that you don't feel defeated on the days you struggle with it. I am also praying for your continued healing. I pray believing that God still loves to work miracles in our lives.