Thursday, June 23, 2011

You Should Read This

Posts are usually longer here.  Something about me and being wordy--blah blah blah.  I prefer to the word verbose (so do my students). 

Rambling might be one of my spiritual gifts (along with eating.  That can be a spiritual gift, right?), but today I'll spare you.

Instead, you should click this link and read something that I thought was really profound (and yet somehow really "Hey, Captain Obvious.").

Then we should discuss.  I like to discuss things.  I understand things when I can discuss them...which is why I send my brother a hundred emails to ask a thousand questions I have after reading random articles on the internet.  Poor guy.  He needs a break.  But I can't help my naturally inquisitive mind.

Go.  Read.


ktjane said...

"Your heart is greater than your wounds."

If we could all just believe that and live it out, how different would our lives be? Our homes? Our churches?

Amber said...

Does "holy crap" count as discussion?