Friday, June 10, 2011

Writing Prompts: A Happy Ending

Everyone has hills and valleys.  Normally, they occur at completey different stages.  I was blessed to have them both at the same time.  But anymore?  More valleys than hills.

Ugh.  They are completely disgusting--at least for me.  Some women navigate them with more grace than Miss Kelley the Princess of Monaco ever possessed.  But me?  I'd rather rent a bulldozer and fill them in.  Unfortunately, bulldozers are expensive.

I tried to avoid mirrors, but every person has to pee from time to time.  I just couldn't stand seeing myself.  I would spout all of those ridiculous platitudes every women uses when she feels injustice:  It was too much.  It was the wrong time.  It shouldn't be me.

It was the inconsistences I hated the most.  Up, down.  Up, down.  And on top of that, my world had become completely colored in a way I never thought possible.  Mostly red splotches of angry I attempted to cover up with flesh colored tones so no one in public could guess my current life circumstances.  I pasted a smile on my face and offered a non-gregarious "Hello" to anyone who glanced my way, but I personally preferred to look at the sidewalk.

On the sidewalk one day, I realized that we occasionally just need to see things in black and white.  Not five steps later, black and white colored my world.

The lady at Sephora recommended Make Up Forever's Mat Velvet +, and it was the perfect fix to the hills and valleys.  It was love.  Love that covered the inconsistencies.  And my happy ending left me with the perfect complexion.


This post was written in response to this prompt from the Red Dress Club:  We'd like you to write a scene that includes a happy ending.

I wanted to do something different--write something silly and fun that still met the requirements of the prompt.  Feel free to critique.


NC Narrator said...

I had fun reading this post! I also now have a mental image of a bulldozer roaming my thanks for that!

Anonymous said...

Could it be this easy? I think I need to find this makeup to navigate the hills and valleys myself.