Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge 6/8

1.  Do you and your family enjoy camping? What do you enjoy most/like the least when it comes to family camping? When was the last time you camped?

When I describe myself, I never use the word outdoorsy.  There's a reason.  I have curly hair and albino skin.  Both things thrive in air conditioning and electricity.  But camping?  Is a different story for some reason.  I think it's because everyone looks bad (lol).  Honestly, though, I love spending a couple of nights in tents and cooking our food over the campfire and spending the day at the lake.  I wish it was something we did on a regular basis, but we haven't really camped in forever.

2. Did you attend a summer camp when you were a kid? Is that a happy or not so happy memory?

I didn't like being away from home so I never went to summer camp.  Actually, even now, I'm weird with being away from home.

3. Over the course of your life, what have you probably spent more time pondering than anything else?

I ponder why I am not naturally thin and tall.

I wish I could tell you that I've spent my time on something more profound.

And now I'm a little ashamed of myself.  But it is honestly something that has frustrated me pretty much my whole life.  I've always been weight conscious and have never really been thin.

4. Which of the seven natural wonders of the world would you most like to see? There are many lists of 'wonders' but this is the standard natural wonder list-Mount Everest, The Great Barrier Reef, The Grand Canyon, Victoria Falls, The Harbor of Rio de Janerio, Paricutan Volcano and The Northern Lights.

I think The Great Barrier Reef.  I've always been drawn to water, but water teeming with life in abundance?  I'm on board.  Or submerged.

5. What was your first real job?

Outside of babysitting, I was a type setter for a local newspaper office.  When I was interviewed, I lied about how fast I could type so I would get the job.  That bit me in the rear end when the only other type setter went on vacation and I was left typing the entire paper by myself.  So I learned.  Fast.  No pun intended.

6. Lemonade or Sweet tea...which do you prefer on a hot summer day?

Actually, I take my tea without sugar.  But I'll be honest:  I'm more likely to drink a hot cup of coffee--even when it's blazing outside.  Some habits die hard.

7. What is something that always brings a smile to your face?

Baby laughs.  Nothing seems quite as free as a little kid just busting out in laughter.  But friends and family also make me smile.  And the possibility of hope.  Yeah.  That makes me smile.

8. I think I may actually find furniture for my front room soon.  I've seen several things I enjoy--just not entirely sure I want brown leather...even though it would look great in the room.  I wanted something with a little more color.  But I could always do that with blankets and pillows, right?

Oh, and I'm looking for a desk chair.  I tried to bribe my brother out of his to no avail.  So back to the drawing board :)


Anonymous said...

Loved your typesetting story. There's nothing quite like OTJ training, eh?

Joyce said...

I love a brown leather sofa...add the color with pillows and throws. There are so many fabulous pillows out there these days!

I drink coffee in the mornings and even in the summer I still like my afternoon cup of hot tea, no matter the temp. It's a quiet moment in the late afternoon and I look forward to that. I find hot tea soothes more than just a sore throat.

Have a great day!

Amy said...

Oh I do love a babies or a child's laughter.. Have a great day..

Teresa said...

Love the typesetting story...good old Karma!!

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

I had a similar experience when I took a job in the "Word Processing" department at the bank I worked at. Before the day of PCs, and after the day when all the executives had their own personal secretaries, we had a department that just took care of the typing needs for the bank. I got sick the day of the interview so they did it over the phone - ergot no typing test. My first day I typed about 15 wpm - when I left I was typing 90 wpm. You learn....

Mama Zen said...

Aha! I'm not the only one who drinks coffee in sweltering heat!

Stacy Lynn said...

Yeah....why aren't we naturally thin?? I understand where you're coming from on the curly hair and albino skin as well. Me, too! I'm currently getting over a milder 2nd degree sunburn and battling the humidity to keep from looking like Little Orphan Annie.

Zoanna said...

I can relate to the curly hair and not-thin pondering "why" . I have learned to like the curls cuz when I want change--snip! But I am not into snips for fatness, personally, so I keep pondering (when I should be walking). Baby laughter is almost what I put for my answer to that question. Thanks for visiting my blog today.