Monday, July 18, 2011

I Need Your Help

I have a small problem.

See this picture?

This is the Garden Nights comforter previously sold at Bed Bath and Beyond.

I love this comforter.  I have it in my bedroom.  But recent events have alerted me to the fact that a spare would be a mighty fine idea.  But?  No.  Can.  Do.

I can't find it.  Anywhere.

I realize online stores aren't always accurate regarding brick and mortar stock, and I also realize my searching skills probably aren't the best.  So I'm wondering if you can't do me a favor?

If you find this comforter (king size--I found a queen in my local store), would you mind alerting me?  Clearly, this would be an easier task for people I know in real life, but if you manage to find something online, I'd be THRILLED.

Please help me.  Please?  Please?  Please?

Obviously, if I know you (and the price is reasonable), I would be willing to pay shipping and everything.  That is, if finding it is even possible at this point :(

1 comment:

Sheena said...

You need a spare? Why didn't you tell me this BEFORE I took the other comforter back?