Saturday, July 2, 2011

What I'm Lovin'

At this point in time during the summer, I usually give you a few things I'm really lovin' at the moment.  What I usually mean is that I'm lovin' lookin'--because 500 Coach purses just aren't in my budget right now :)

But, without further adieu, what I'm lovin':

 This is the new Coach Flagship Buffalo Leather Dowel Flap.  That's a lot of name for a purse, but anytime you're going to fork over $800 for a handbag, you expect that sucker to have a good dog show name.

(Princess Dandyridge Brandywine, anyone?  Major points to those who actually get that reference.)

I like the handle options, and I especially enjoy the color.  The purse I'm carrying is a similar color (and also Coach--it was a gift) and I absolutely love its versatility.  But PS--there's a red/orange color that is also fabulous :)

You all should know my feelings on maxi dresses.  I thought this one was adorable for a couple of reasons.

1.  The detailing on the top will draw the eye as to minimize the bottom half--which just so happens to be the Texas-sized part of my anatomy.

2.  It's an empire waist which naturally lengthens torsos and slims figures.

3.  It's purple--a very flattering color for those with green eyes.

And it's available in a couple of other colors...most notably a beautiful red color that would be worth your while.

Tina Fey. 

Honestly, what can I say?  Not only am I jealous of her seemingly innate hilarity, I am also trying to figure out her particular persuasion of pretty.

Even the political agenda (or belief systems--whichever you prefer) in this book are hilarious--agreement aside.  Plus, I learned the rules of impromptu comedy which should come in handy during the school year.

I despise foundation primers.  Most of them have just made my foundation peel off in what looks like skin colored kleenex residue.  Ick.

But this?  Is wonderful.  Not only does it minimize acne scars, it's the perfect base for foundation and gives your skin a healthy glow.

Isn't that what we all dream of?  Well, that, smaller thighs, and unlimited resources.



In particular, owl jewelry.

I can't even explain what I find so fun about these pieces. 

Maybe part of it is the fact that owls represent wisdom or insightfulness?

Nah.  Mostly I just think this stuff is cute.

I also tried to find a couple cardigan pictures for you, because I'm a lover of all things cardigan and 3/4 sleeved.  Unfortunately, my mission was unsuccessful.

So, aside from a few other things I can't find pictures of, that's what I'm lovin'.


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Great stuff! I love your blog- it's so cute! I'm your newest follower from Welcome Wednesday. Hope you'll take a minute to jump over to my blog and follow back! :)

Do I Have to Be a D.I.N.K.? said...

I loved reading Bossypants! Too funny.