Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Wish That I Could Give You Something More...

Things I totally miss from some point in my life:

Did anyone else drink this stuff like it was going out of style?

It used to be sold at gas stations--which is the height of good drinkin' popularity, right?

Of course, my life didn't just revolve around ways to wet my whistle.  I was also apparently looking for a benefactor of the poultry persuasion.

He swam through his money, ya'll.  SwamThrough it.

Cartoons have totally gone to crap.

There's nothing like She-Ra, He-Man, ThunderCats or even the Smurfs on the tube anymore.

I'll give you Phineas and Ferb because I think they're pretty awesome.

But that's about it.  The only other thing people can compare would be SpongeBob SquarePants and I think he's ridiculous and stupid.



I was at least excited to see that these have made a come back.

What girl DIDN'T wear jelly shoes in 1989?

A really uncool one, that's who.

Because they were the shiz.

If we said things like "shiz" back then.

It's possible we were all too busy tight rolling our jeans while listening to Richard Marx, because who WOULDN'T want to hold on to the nights or the memories?

Put your wayfarers on, baby, and tell me what you miss from your childhood.  Or teenage years.  In Living Color?  Bel Biv Devo?  Keds without shoe laces?


I may or may not relate to every single one of those things.


ktjane said...

Keds without shoelaces makes me think of the prison. And I don't care for flavored water. And I don't think I was allow to wear jelly shoes, though I have no real idea as to why.

But I'm with you on the cartoons!

Sheena said...

WOW - that was a blast from the past! And now I am totally upset that I don't have some Clearly Canadian. I am NOT upset that I don't have the jelly shoes...they were cute, but mine were very uncomfortable - I still wore them because I was cool like that. They WERE the SHIZ! And just for the record, my Keds were worn with colored stacked socks. Hello, I rocked those shoes!

Blended said...

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Jenny said...

I love this post. Clearly Canadian ROCKED.

But, I love Spongebob. He is ridiculous, but he's so innocent. Poor little fella.