Sunday, July 31, 2011

Prayer Monday, 8/1/2011

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First of all, there will be no Prayer Monday next week--not a formal post anyway.  Favorite and I are going on vacation, and I have no idea what the internet situation will be in Florida.  Plus, I don't want to tie myself to a specific posting schedule if it doesn't work out.  Thanks for understanding.

Favorite and I have spent a lot of time contemplating the situations in our collective life.  We struggle to make decisions, because we don't want to make the wrong ones...all the while realizing that not making a decision can be just as wrong.

We are looking into the possibility of a new church.  This is difficult for a number of reasons--not the least of which is finding a church we fit.  But there are other considerations on the table:

1.  We have some pretty deep connections to a few people at our current church.  It's difficult to consider leaving those people; although, staying for a few people isn't really the right reason to stay, either.

2.  Familiarity.  Pretend it doesn't matter all you want.  I know different.

3.  Service.  I've been singing praise and worship with the same girls for the last 11 years.  Praise and worship does something for me that nothing else does, and I believe God called me to that ministry because He wanted to humble me.  Eleven years later, I would still cry through every single song we sing.  It draws my heart and fills me the way nothing else has been able to.  That ministry allowed me to open myself enough to allow God in through the chinks when I was intent on blocking Him entirely.  I needed that ministry.  I don't even know how to tell you what it's done for my life in Christ.

4.  Women's Bible Study.  Clearly, I would be leaving this behind, and that hurts me for similar reasons as Praise and Worship.  Unfortunately, this ministry has caused controversy of late, and I'm tired of being treated like a subversive person when I'm simply trying to follow something I felt God laid on my heart.

This decision isn't completely about me, though.  Favorites needs are obviously a consideration, and, after much discussion, we know that it may be necessary to consider a place that allows both of us to worship and grow.

This is hard, though.  I'm scared.  I've never been a church hopper, and I certainly don't intend to become one now.  All of these things are what make this decision extremely difficult.  Do we?  Don't we?  are still questions we are navigating.  Pray for us.  Gracious Jeebus...pray for us.

And, if you would, my brother still hasn't heard from this new job.  Pray that God would open/close doors as Ronnie and Sheena move into this new stage of life.

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Armanda said...

Choosing a new church, especially leaving the one you grew up in, is so hard. It is so important that you are both able to grow spiritually in the same church. I am praying that God strengthen you both through this difficult and scary process. I am praying that you will quickly find a church that fits both of your needs and that you will both just KNOW when you have found that church.

ktjane said...

You know as well as I do that I get exactly what you are saying. And I'm praying that you will be led to a place where you and Favorite can grow and serve. Even as much as I wish that we could all continue to do that together.

Sheena said...

I get it. I don't like it, but I get it and I want God's will for you and Favorite, so I'm praying for Him to make His will abundantly clear.