Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Big Manila Envelopes Filled With Random Bits of Fun

Is it weird that I'm excited to give my freshmen manila envelopes filled with random items?

I love lessons that require them to think outside the box and relate that material to the literature at hand.  Currently, they are reading Of Mice and Men.  It's the first time we've used it in the curriculum in about 10 years (I wasn't there back then), and it's been a hit.  Tomorrow, my students will be looking at their array of items and determining what they might symbolize.

Yep, it's a lesson on symbols.  Then, we're going to discuss symbols in the story--like rabbits.  Or mice.

Although, it might be funnier to take those items to the office and have the administration determine what they symbolize.  As I was asking for suggestions, they were stuck on iphones and what they might symbolize.  Wonder what would happen if they have to determine what a paperclip symbolizes as opposed to an iPhone?

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