Friday, April 1, 2011

An Idea that Requires Feedback

After yesterday's post, I think I've decided to buy square (yes, square.  I like square.  I have no idea why.  I just like clean, definite lines.  So, square) dishes.  I'm pretty sure I'll probably just get them in white.  I've never wanted white dishes before, but this is my reasoning:

I'm going to make display pedestals for parties.  I'm going to paint them red, orange and sunflower yellow.  Then, I'll have some color going on with serving dishes, but it won't actually be the dishes themselves.  And they'll be different heights--which is always appealing, right?  And the dishes will fit perfectly on top (theoretically) when I'm done.

Sounds good, no?  At least weigh in here.  I'll try to find a picture of what I'm talking about later.


Sheena said...

The dishes I've registered for are square and white.

Make display pedestals? I need pictures.

Amber said...

I'm in love with square dishes... but I don't understand the pedestal idea either.

I cannot wait to be a grown up with fancy dishes. My current plates are stoneware (which is pretty cool) but they have pictures of wolves on them...

And yes, there is matching wolf silverware.

Armanda said...

We have square plates (not white) but I love them. Also, there is a giveaway on the pioneer woman website you can enter today for a yellow kitchenaid mixer with some embellishments and I thought of you. here is the link: