Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Residential Ants

Ants.  I hate them.  I especially hate them crawling all over my mail.  So today I vowed to fix the problem.

I stopped by the trailer on my way home to grab the bug killer and turned around to face my mailbox's tenants.  When I got down there, I tried to pull the lever and then spray, but something was wrong with the spout.  And I?  Needed to get rid of those ants.  I mean, yesterday I ended up with ants in my car because they swarmed all over my Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

I'm pretty sure the people at Better Homes and Gardens wouldn't approve.

So being the resourceful woman that I am, I unscrewed the lid and starting splashing bug killer all over my mailbox.  And by all over?  I mean ALL.  OVER.

Did I mention I was still in my dress clothes?

And that traffic picked up right when I got industrious?

Because there's nothing like a slightly dressed up woman splashing bug killer all over her mailbox.  Oh, there's also nothing like using the entire bottle on my mailbox, the pole and surrounding land. 

I'd say we can be fairly confident I will be without ants in my mailbox for the remainder of the summer. 

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen is how you get a BETTER home (and maybe a garden...but not by your mailbox).

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