Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursdays Are More Manic Than Mondays

I don't really love lists.  I prefer paragraphs when it comes to prose, but today I am out of transitions so I cannot possibly connect these thoughts.

1.  My dad's surgery is tomorrow.  He has needed a knee replacement since I graduated from high school (so clearly it's only been about a year or so.  HA!).  We're thankful he's getting to have the surgery, but I'm always a little apprehensive to see people I love go in to an operating room.

2.  Still no tables from Target.  I'm all hurty inside because I'm so excited about outfitting my house.  I also haven't ordered the LAUNDRY sign, but I'm sure going to correct that problem.

3.  My STBSIL found an awesome set of knives.  She is a crazy deal hunter downer (yes, I am an English teacher.  Why do you ask?).

4.  I'm thankful for close friendships recently.  I've taken so much joy in a few people who have shared struggles and burdens with me.  I'm more thankful for them because they are willing to talk.  And talk.  And talk.  And talk.  You all know who you are.  Thank you for the blessing of your involvement.

5.  I still feel free.  I love being in this place.  I wish it were a LONG season in my life.  I love seeing people come out the other side of heartbreak who teach me about humility and faith in the process. 

6.  I loved this.  And, like Rachel, I want to know people...form relationships with them...stay involved with them...know I can depend on them and they can depend on me.  That type of relationship was one major reason I was disillusioned with facebook.  So if you read, tell me who you are--not superficially.

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