Sunday, April 24, 2011

Prayer Monday 4/24

A hundred different blogs all recognized the fact that today (I'm writing on Sunday evening) is Easter Sunday.  I've spent parts of today trying to craft my thoughts about Easter.  The Resurrection.  Christ's rise from the grave.  But nothing I have seems adequate.

The message for Easter is hope.  Because Christ rose from the grave, we have hope in the life-saving message of the Gospel.  Because He didn't stay in the tomb, we can trust that the Message is, indeed, real.

And as I thought about those concepts, my mind wandered.  There are so many things in which I no longer have faith.  Situations where I feel like hope is fruitless.  Circumstances where it seems ridiculous to wish...much less hope.

But Christ is alive.  He didn't stay in the grave. 

For some reason, that makes all of those situations pale in comparison.  Even though I get tired and lose my sensibility or coping mechanisms, Christ does not give up on me or the possibilities for my life.  It's the whole reason He died.  Much more so, it's the reason He didn't stay in the tomb.

So my heart will praise Him.  Even when I can't or don't understand.  Even when I hurt.

He, after all, hurt quite a bit so my life would know Hope.

Prayer Requests
*  My Favorite's heart
*  My mother-in-law will be having surgery soon.
*  God's work in my body is becoming apparent.  I ask that you would continue these prayers so that it can work on its own.
*  My dedication to a new diet to help my body function as best as it can with this stupid syndrome.
*  My father's continuing recovery.


Today I'm simply thankful that you were willing.  I think of you in the garden and imagine how difficult it must've been as you prayed for that cup to pass.  I know the anticipation must have been agony.  But I'm so thankful that you went anyway.  I'm so grateful that you endured death.  And I'm even more grateful to know that I serve a Living Savior!  Meet us along the road to Emmaus.  Speak to our hearts this week.  Let your words burn within us as they did for those men when you walked that stretch of road with them.

Thank you for your cross.             Amen.

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