Tuesday, April 19, 2011

South Beach Day 3

I would say that I'm not a complainy, whiny person except that I am a complainy, whiny person so there's no point in hiding the actualities.  I'm not complainy about everything, and I do think there are a number of situations where we need to suck it up and do what we know is right.

But you will never hear me say that about dieting.  If you have struggled with your weight, been on a diet or get frustrated with the whole weight loss nightmare, you are totally welcome to complain as much and as often as you want.  I'll probably stand off to the side and cheer you on.  I might throw in a few helpful comments (i.e. "Let's buy baseball bats and beat all skinny people until they are as swollen as I am!").

Yet I know that those comments and complaints really aren't helpful.

So I'm not going to complain.  I know this is my body and I have to do what is best for it.  Even if I really just want to hide in my bedroom, down a bottle of cabernet and go to sleep.  But that would be cheating as I am in the no-alcohol phase of my diet (and since I can't drink on Metformin anyway.  But since a few of you are probably concerned that I'm a full-blown alchy, please note I wasn't much of a drinker to begin with).

I'm on the South Beach Diet.  In the first two weeks of the diet, there is no fruit, sugar, or any type of carb.  So basically, we have meat, cheese, vegetables and mayo.  Oh, and I can occasionally have a sugar-free fudgecicle.  And I can limit servings of fat free yogurt and cottage cheese. 

In all actuality, though, it hasn't been that bad.  I haven't wanted to chew off my own arm or rummage through my car to see if I can find the one remaining piece of chocolate I dropped some months back. 

The compromises are minimal:  I actually have to cook for myself, but I had forgotten how much I really enjoy cooking.  I have to learn to plan before I eat.  That last one is my epic fail for life.  I am notorious for eating what's available when I'm hungry.  And before you get all "That's why you're fat" on me, realize that I don't stock my pantry or fridge full of gross, bad-for-you junk.  But convenience foods don't work for a PCOS body (at least, that's what I'm told...and research in my own body proves it to be true).

I am currently listening to the new doctor.  And while I'm not sure his advice will get me to the end I want, lack of heart disease can't be a bad thing for anyone.  I suppose I also wouldn't complain about a smaller pant size.  Though right now, that matters to me very little.


ktjane said...

I know this wasn't a funny post, but I totally did rummage through my car for chocolate on Saturday. Found some too, and even though it tasted kind of sketchy, I totally ate it. Desperate times and all...

Big Al said...

Am I going to have to start searching you for a bat? But if beating someTHING will make you feel better, I will buy you a pinata :)

Tara said...

I'm glad you're surviving. I forget how much planning goes into it. That is probably because even now, I plan out my menu and only buy what I need to cook. It's partly to control my grocery spending and my food waste, but mostly it's my OCD. I just liked that I never had to be hungry. I didn't always get to eat what I wanted, but at least I got to eat something. I'm not very good at being hungry.