Monday, April 4, 2011

To Write

Not that long ago, lady at my church paid me a tremendous compliment.  She told me that I was a writer and that she loved to read the things I've written because she relates to them so well.

Wait.  What?

Don't get me wrong; I love to write.  It's cathartic.  In fact, it's more cathartic than burning my trailer would probably be.  When you finally get something down just exactly right (on the rare occasion I can accomplish it), there's a sense of absolution.  But I've never really thought of myself as a writer.  Writers occupy this high and mighty place in my mind.  I've never put any of my words in the same category or on the same pedestal.

Recently, I've been trying to talk to the people who matter to me about the things that bother me.  I'm sure it's been a supremely enjoyable process for some of you (please note the sarcasm in the statement, you all.  I realize it's painful).  In fact, just today I was sharing something with a friend and she commented, "Yeah.  I read that on your blog."

My thought:  You read my blog?

Ok, wait.  Let me clarify.  I figure people occasionally pop in (ha.  I just typed "pooped" in.  Gross) and make fun of my misfortune (you know, like in house building).  But it doesn't always occur to me that there are people who regularly check out the things I write here...or even that the things I am writing would matter to them.

I don't mean that in a self-deprecating way, either.  That's just not how I see my blog.  I mean, seriously, how many of you need to see multiple pictures of my Favorite in his Target hats?  Sure, I write to share things.  But I mostly I write because I find a sense of peace and joy in the process.  I write because I don't know myself if I don't. 

And while this thought probably does not really flow out of the previous ones, women's Bible study has me wondering how much different life would be if more of us lived our lives openly.  If my attempt to figure myself out (it's going badly) helps someone else in the teensiest way, isn't it worth it to give them the opportunity to read? 

Granted, I don't think it'll ever replace face-to-face interaction.  But it's definitely nice to believe that someone "gets" something you love--Pulitzer or not.


ktjane said...

For the record, I need to see pictures of Favorite in Target hats. And I love your writing! :)

Big Al said...

I also LOVE the Target hat pics!
I think he needs one of these: