Saturday, April 16, 2011

How I Make Posting Decisions/My Doctor Visit

A while back, I read the Pioneer Woman's Ten Important Things I've Learned about Blogging; however, I thought the post deserved a revisit.  I mean, I really enjoy writing, but it's impossible to write a blog without really kinda wanting others to enjoy what you write.

But I laughed at her first suggestion.  She said "Be Yourself" but then qualified that statement by saying, "Write as if you’re talking to your sister.  Unless you don’t get along with your sister.  Or don’t have a sister."

Now, here's the deal:  I don't have a sister.  I have Big Bro and Lil Bro.  And I'm pretty sure that there's no topic out of bounds for either one of them.  Which could indicate a possible TMI nature in my blog that I feel I've kept to a minimum since beginning three years ago.

But before posting, I do think, "Hm...would I talk to the bros about this topic?"  And then I think, "Aren't these the same boys who talk about sex at the dinner table?  Or make inappropriate comments because they make my mom blush?"  So you see I might have a problem declaring something appropriate for blog readership.

And while I do want to give you a doctor visit update, I don't want to go too overboard.

So, here we go:

I went to see a new doctor yesterday and I wanted to propose marriage really, really liked him.  He was  kind.  He listened to my frustrations and he talked to me like I wasn't stupid.  Those things alone earn him an award in my book.

But here's the great part:  my ovaries no longer look the way they did when I was first diagnosed with PCOS.  Some of you may not understand what that means, so you should go here to look at the picture.  All of those black spots that look clear are actually cysts.  And in that picture, you can count about 8 of them.  Mine?  Had more than eleven.  On each ovary.  Yow.

Yesterday, when we looked at them, they looked clear.  I did not see one black space.  That doesn't mean that they are completely clean, but it does mean that there are no cysts big enough to show on an ultrasound.  That news was huge to me.  HUGE.  It means that all of you who have been praying for my body to work are seeing some answers to your prayers.  Thank you.

The hard news?  I really do need to step up weight loss.  As many of you already know, this is the most difficult part of PCOS.  I've struggled with weight my entire adult life.  This doctor suggested getting rid of carbs.  So I guess that's what I'll be doing for the next month or so.  I eat oatmeal every morning, so that will probably be the last thing to go, but the good news is that I don't really eat a lot of bread anymore.  My loves these days include potatoes, but I can exchange those for sweet potatoes for a while and not feel deprived.

Bascially, I'm back on that wretched PCOS diet I did sometime last summer. 

But I can feel good about doing everything I can until I've actually done everything I know how to do, right?

So here we are.  I may update recipes, etc, but I'm probably not going to post weekly weight loss successes/failures.  Like I said before, I don't want to get competitive because I generally end up frustrated when someone loses 5 lbs in one week and I lose 0.3 lbs.  It's hard, and I know you understand.

But I feel good about where we are.  And I was relieved after this appointment.

And now I need to stop my dog from licking the couch and do my Bible study.



Tara said...

1. I'm so glad you had a good experience with this doctor, and that God is answering our prayers.

2. I KNOW there isn't really any topic off-limits to Lil Bro--he has actually initiated conversations about sex with my mother to make me blush.

3. I know I've blogged about it, but I really have had success with the South Beach Diet in the past. I can bring you the book (and the cookbook) if you want me to--I'll be there on May 12th. It didn't make me feel completely deprived, and it is a low-carb diet.

4. My dog also licks the couch.

Armanda said...

Oh Crystal! I am so glad to hear prayers are being answered. And liking your doctor is a definite plus.

Big Al said...

God has given you many sisters ... just not through your parents :) I am so happy that your hard work and everyone's prayers are paying off- those clear scans are proof that your diet is working even if you're not seeing the results on the scale. And the part about wanting to propose marriage made me laugh because everyone says that when they first meet him!