Saturday, April 9, 2011

Words: Real and Imagined

Dad's surgery was successful.  The doctor informed us that the inside of his knee was a mess, but they were able to put it back together.  I'm going back over to see him today, but I imagine he might be feeling differently as the epidural has likely worn off.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for him.  You might continue as he will be going home with my mom the non-nurse in a few days there is therapy yet to come.

In other news, my older loving brother made fun of my use of the word "hurty."    Now listen.  Sometimes you just need a specific word to explain a feeling that's difficult to explain.  I suppose it's not a real word, but I certainly have my own fair share of made up phrases.  Granted, not all of them are originals, but I certainly use them like they are.  For example,

*  Hurty
*  Nervy
*  Stabby
*  Wonky

I'm thinking I like words that end with "y," but if Shakespeare can coin phrases, why can't a backwoods English teacher from a tiny high school in the middle of nowhere?

And I wonder, do you use made up phrases?


Tara said...

I use words that are not verbs as Facebook, GPS, Google. That sort of makes them made up.

Julie Lewis said...

Glad to hear your dad is doing well!! Did he do both or just one this time? He will be amazed at how much better he feels and the fact that you're up walking on it only hours after surgery. When he comes home he won't need your mom to be his nurse....he'll do great!