Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge 4/13--or Why I Won't Eat Lamb

1. Would you rather talk to everyone at a crowded party for a short time or have a significant conversation with two people?
I would rather not go to the crowded party as I have issues being in large rooms filled with people I don't know.  But if my party loving friends were to drag me out of my house (because, of the three of us, I'm probably the most likely to protest showering and going out), I would rather find two people I KNOW and have a conversation with them. 

Actually, let's be realistic.  I'm going to stand there and attempt to have conversation while the sparkly bits at the party actually capture my attention.

2. What objects do you remember from your parent's living room?
My mom just recently got rid of these huge wooden end tables and her enormous coffee table.  They were very 70s-esque, but I loved those things.  I think I loved them because I was familiar with them.  Her living room now is so much more chic.

Oh, and she had these amazing orange and brown curtains.  Classic.

3. Do you hog the bed? Steal the covers? Snore?
My Favorite is 275 lbs and 5'8" yet he's not fat.  So even if I were to put up a good fight to hog the bed or the covers, I would lose to the gorilla who sleeps beside me.  When we moved into the new house, I was so grateful to have the funds to buy a king size bed, because we have been cramming our bodies into a queen bed (I'm not a small girl) and Favorite would take up 3/4 of the bed if he simply laid flat on his back.
I don't generally snore.  Favorite would rival most freight trains.  I just pinch his nose shut.  He says it's smothering him.  I say it's survival.  You be the judge.

4. Speaking of Easter dinner....what is your favorite way to cook/eat lamb? Or does just the thought of that make you squeamish? If you're not cooking lamb what will be your entree du jour on Easter Sunday?
I have no problems with eating a lot of different animals, but I've never warmed to the idea of eating sweet, little lambs.

5. Let's throw some politics into this week's mix-oooohhh...Do you know the whereabouts of your birth certificate and when was the last time you had to produce it to prove you're you?
I'm pretty sure my mom has a copy of my birth certificate (Yes, I'm 30 years old and my mommy still keeps stuff.  What of it?).  And I don't think I've had to present it since I got married almost 8 years ago.

6. As a child, how did people describe you?
My childhood nickname was motor mouth.  So I was clearly a quiet and shy child.
One of my parent's favorite stories about me goes like this:  I was about 3 or 4 when they took me to the supermarket one day.  I was gone for all of 3 minutes when my mom heard me say, "There she is.  That's my mom!"  She looked up to see me IN the cart of a big, black man who told my parents that I informed him I was lost and demanded that he put me IN his cart in order to help hunt down my mom and dad.

So, obviously, shy.

7. What do you complain about the most? 
I complain about everything.  It's my spiritual gift.  But lately, PCOS, I think.  Or my lack of time management skills.  Which are being displayed pretty artfully here since I'm using my time to answer these questions.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Ronnie, there's nothing wrong with the word hurty.  And if you would use your time constructively, you would already have The Kite Runner read.  Think about it, man.  Think about it.


Joyce said...

I enjoyed your answers and your humor. My oldest is almost 23..I like keeping stuff for her too. I need to hand her life over to her a little at a time. She gets me so all is good.

Zoanna said...

You crack me up. And may I ask what PCOS is/are? Maybe I know and am having a midlife moment? Visit my blog and let me know or else I'll forget I was here. I'm telling you, it's on midlife moment after another. Like the 99 bottles of beer on the wall song.

Zoanna said...

Ah, yes, thanks for answering on my blog. I knew I'd seen/heard of PCOS. I have come across it in my reading due to other lovely female ails in that dept!

Sheena said...

#1 - So, basically the 3 of us would be standing in the corner talking to each other? ;-)

#6 - I'm feeling hurty because I've never heard this story

#8 - bahahahaha!

Tara said...

I just had a good belly laugh at your supermarket story. That's probably because it sounds so much like the stories my Mom tells me about myself as a child.

Expats Again said...

Great story about the supermarket. Shy, you are not.

Anonymous said...

LOVED that story!!! ROFL!!

Ronnie, finish the book. It is AMAZING! I'm an English teacher. I would never steer you wrong.