Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Visit from SugarBean

This is my niece, SugarBean.  Sometimes she makes weird faces for the camera.

But today she came over becaue her daddy and Favorite had to get plastic on the high tunnel green houses we are putting up on the farm.

So we decided to make French Toast.

SB loves to crack eggs, so she cracked them in a bowl and started mixing.  She's been cracking eggs since she was a mere year old, so this was all old hat to her.

We dipped the bread and then put it on the griddle to cook.  We put a chair up next to the griddle so she could help "flip" but she informed me that it was "hot as blazes" by that griddle and she "was sweating up a storm."  So she ended up backing up.

Then we ate.  Well, we ate and watched Spongebob (who I don't really care for much).  I had to sprinkle cinnamon on top of her french toast because "that makes it smell AND taste yummy."

She finished the first piece and wanted more, but she also wanted to make sure I wasn't gonna "put the new piece in the leftover syrup.  'Cause that's gross."

So we finished our morning with more cinnamon, more syrup and fantastic conversation (because, honestly, she's hilarious).  We talked about how she's getting ready to turn 5 (at the end of the month) and how next, she'll be six.  She tested for kindergarten yesterday and told me there were some things she "just didn't do."  I asked her what she didn't do and she said, "I knew the letter "F" but I didn't know what sound it made.  But it sounds like 'fuh'." 

Now we're playing XBox Kinect.  So cool.  She named her panther Max.  The kid loves animals.  She tried to talk me into bringing her baby chickens to my house so she could watch them.  But, ya'll, I draw the line at baby chickens.

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