Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Anticipation? Or Anticipation!

I love a little anticipation.  There's nothing like getting your hopes all wound around something that makes you lick your lips because you can almost taste the excitement.

But it's a little weird when you get anticipate...nothing?  Well, not nothing, exactly.  It's something.  But it's a something you can't put your finger on.

I'm excited for something.  I got home today and found myself oddly excited for...well, you get it.  For something that hasn't happened.  The feeling is so far beyond hope and I don't know how else to identify it.  Am I the only one camping out on this limb?


On another note, my orders from Target have started arriving.  Today I received the baskets for my entertainment center (YAY!).  They are super cute and look so organized in there.  Next, I have tables and something for my laundry room showing up.  I'm PUMPED.


If you read Wednesday Hodgepodge, you'll know that I once walked around Target with my dress tucked in the back of my pantyhose.  Generally, I say something that ends up being super embarrassing.  This was the time I managed to DO something.

A Target employee was kind enough to rectify the problem for me.  But not before I walked around the entire store.  And not before I thought I was going to be raped by the person who walked up behind me.

But this is one of the major reasons I no longer wear pantyhose.  Ever.


Tara said...

I heart Target. If Target and Amazon had a love child, I would never shop anywhere else. That would be awesome.

CrysHouse said...

I'm with you. I waited until Chris was gone and then I spent a bunch of money on Target online ;) I mean, it wasn't too ridiculous. and my new living room totally needed tables. And baskets. And it may need other stuff, too.