Friday, March 4, 2011

Show Us Your Life: Show Us Your Family

I'm not sure how to start when it comes to my family.  We're that fun mix of crazy and logical, sweet and sour...but dinner at my parent's house is always an event.

This is my dad.  Other people call him Tom Selleck, Wade Boggs or Dale Earnhardt.

Occupation:  Disabled Iron Worker

Special Gifts:  Getting ridiculous discounts during shopping adventures.

Loves:  Shoes, Watches, Coats, Clothes, his dogs, his family and Jesus.

Hates:  Jeff Gordon, spaghetti and people who can't match their own clothing.

Interests:  NASCAR, aggravating people he likes and helping finish my house (ha!)

This is my mom.  We don't have nicknames for her.

Occupation: Social Worker

Special Gifts: My mom has what we refer to as a split personality.  You have "regular mom" and "insurance mom."  She can make insurance representatives tremble in their shoes.  I don't know anyone who knows how insurance works better than she does.  And I include the people who write the policy in that statement.  Seriously.  Insurance problems?  Call her.  She's a beast.

Loves: Her family, Jesus, her dogs, her swimming pool and piano.

Hates: People who get mad when she cleans their house (even when she's just a visitor) and dirty houses.

Interests: Scrapbooking, piano and reading

This is my older bro.  When we were little, I called him big brother.  Now, I just call him by his name.

Occupation: Master's Degree student, occasional substitute, student worker

Special Gifts: Compassion for people who annoy me, amazing knowledge about a variety of random subjects, impressive Biblical knowledge and the ability to clear the room in a short period of time ;)

Loves: Jesus, Reading, American Apparel,  car engines, charitable giving, his fiancee, his family and his Sunday School class.

Hates: People who are messy or who try to do his laundry or a wet toothbrust before he puts toothpaste on it
Interests: Books (just not ones I suggest), cars, Sheena, engineering and whatever you seem to be interested in (because he's cool like that).

Relationship Status:  Engaged to Sheena (check out her blog)

This is my lil bro.  I call him by his name.

Occupation: Secretary for an officer in the United States Airforce; Veteran

Special Gifts: Karaoke, Public Relations (or BS with the general public...or people in general)

Loves: Xbox, free food, reading and chewing.

Hates: People who tell him what to do.

Interests: Fantasy football, Xbox games, the Airforce, How I Met Your Mother

Relationship Status:  Seriously dating NutMeg.

This is Favorite and we've been married since May of 2003.

Occupation: Correctional Officer (former social's that for a change of pace?)

Special Gifts: Laughing at basically anything and aggravating me.

Loves: Farming, Xbox, his huge television and his family.

Hates: His job, lazy people, stupid people and other people.

Interests: Finishing the house, growing a beard, enjoying our new bed, and reading.

This is Archimedes or Barky.

Occupation: Resident Guard and Protector

Special Gifts: Barking at the most inopportune moments to scare the bejesus out of anyone within hearing distance.

Loves: Biscuits, his "baby," sleeping on the bed, outside and his mommy

Hates: Most people, but especially the dog groomer.

Interests: Anything that allows him to be outside, finding ways to get outside and looking sad so someone will pet him.

My brothers and I are never allowed to play Trivial Pursuit on the same team and I've never managed to get Favorite to sing karaoke.  We spend a lot of time sitting around the dinner table (not always with food), laughing and occasionally filling out crossword puzzles together.  All of us love coffee and we are a loud group when we're all together.  We love movies and (mostly) care deeply about the welfare of the others.

I'm blessed to know them.  I'm especially blessed to call them mine.  And one of these days I hope to add to the brood.

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Brooke said...

I had absolutely no idea that was your dad. He was in my p.e. class a lot of the times, monitoring a few students, I believe? and we were pals. Haha. Not really, but, I did talk to him a few times. I always thought he seemed like a really nice man. He didn't say a lot, but when he did, it always seemed philosophical. I was intrigued. :] That's awesome that he's your dad. And anyway- cute post:)