Sunday, March 27, 2011

Prayer Monday 3/28

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Ya'll, I don't want this to become a forum about me and my circumstances, but I do want to tell you that God has given me such a deep sense of freedom since I was willing to share what happened to Favorite and me.  I find it so bizarre that things you believe are meant to be "private" can sometimes become an overwhelming burden to carry.  Of course I realize that some things remain private.  I would never share everything about our circumstances with you because that would dishonor Favorite, but I don't feel "hunched over" by the situation any more.  I don't have to carry it alone.

But I hate that there are women out there who are in a deep cycle of shame over something they cannot help and are not meant to carry on their own.  Girls, if I can do anything to help bring them out of that horrific place, I would share my story to the ends of the earth and back.  I'm so glad to know many of you would, too.

I was blessed to learn during study tonight that we are meant to rest in God AS we live life.  To quote from our workbook:  "Trust in God is not a place of refuge to which the believer can retreat from the turmoil and the disappointments of the world in order to find there his satisfaction and rest.  Trust in God is a cell of organic life, a power-centre which does not remain in isolation, but cannot help bearing frust because it feels inwardly constrained to prove its living reality through acts of faith" (Artur Weiser as quoted in David:  Seeking a Heart Like His, Video Sesson Three).

*  God is working on my heart.
*  Freedom to share without feeling guilty over my circumstances.

Prayer Requests
*  That God would heal my body so it would work the way it's meant to
*  My Favorite
*  Our women's Bible study group--they are an incredible group of women, ya'll.  Incredible.
*  I am seeing a new doctor soon and I'm a bit apprehensive but hopeful
*  Personal request

I am so grateful for your presence in our lives.  I'm thankful you became the bread to feed hungry souls.  I'm thankful you do not leave us in our depravity.  I'm thankful you lift burdens and give us friends who lift us up.  I am so thankful for these women who pray with me on a regular basis--for Armanda, Sheena, Kate, Casey and Tara.  I just pray you bless their lives.  I pray you would give them a reason to seek you.  Drive us to our knees in prayer.  Give us a deep desire to seek you out in your word.  Don't quit on us even when we want to quit on you.  Meet us where we are--no matter where that might be.


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