Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Word Wisely Spoken

Today, I moved things from the trailer.  By myself.  With no help.  Completely solo.

I'm a little proud.  Unfortunately, I learned today that there will be no way I can refinish my white desk.  So back to the drawing board there.  I think I'll probably just put it in a yard sale.

Next week, I'm hoping to talk Favorite into moving my hope chest.  It takes a couple of grown men to carry it because it's really heavy, but I hate that it's in the trailer where the mice are taking over EVERY room--even rooms without food.  How gross is that?

But it's reminded me how necessary it is that we get down there are get things out of that trailer as soon as we possibly can.  And it's reminded me how thankful I am for this house.  So.  Very.  Thankful.

And I'm also thankful for a timely word.  I attended a women's conference today with several women from church and received so much encouragement--first from a lady I know well who paid me such high compliments I wondered if she really knew me and the second from a keynote speaker who probably had no idea she had words for me.

So tonight I revel in God's message for my heart, a warm bath and some relaxation.  It means I'm still a little behind on grading, but sanity is worth it, right?

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