Saturday, March 19, 2011

You Want HOW Much?

I know I've been blog-absent for a couple of days.  Favorite and I took a mini-vacation to celebrate his birthday.  I took my laptop, but the hotel, which previously offered free wi-fi, now CHARGES $10 for one gig for 24 hours.  So I decided that blogging could wait.

BUT, I have lots of pictures to share and a couple of fun stories.  I'll try to get those up at some point in time next week, but it's likely that Prayer Monday will come first.

Bible study tomorrow :)  I'm pretty excited.

Tonight, though, my bed is calling me.  Oh, how I've missed it.  Funny how a hotel room goes from exquisite to slightly above trashy when your dwelling situation changes.  Since we aren't living in the trailer and we have a really nice bed, the hotel doesn't seem nearly as nice as it used to.

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