Sunday, March 13, 2011

Prayer Monday--3/14

I used to be the Captain of the TMI Brigade.  In college, thinking I was living authentically, I would share all sorts of things with people I felt close to in the name of trying to deepen my relationship with God.

Yeah, yeah.  I know it sounds stupid.  But at the time, it was the only way I knew how to live.

As an adult, I've probably strayed to the opposite end of the spectrum.  As a result, I come off as almost obtuse--uncaring.  Guarded.  In a lot of ways, I suppose I am.  But I'm afraid that exterior keeps others from understanding the depth of my relationship with God.

He saved me.  Not just delivering me from sin.  God saved me from some pretty grim alternative outcomes.  A person who shall remain nameless asked me how I could reconcile my relationship with God given some circumstances I lived through.  My answer has been the same:  He didn't let me drown.  He doesn't let me drown.

Tonight, as people were testifying to things that they were thankful for, I silently thanked God for not leaving me in the flood.  Left to my own devices, I would've checked out--not suicidal, ya'll.  But there are worse ways of checking out that don't include death.  Like when people become unreachable.  Like when they don't respond.  Like when you look at them and you know they aren't there.

That's what God saved me from.

There's no talking about my God without that deep draw in my heart to thankfulness.  I'm not far enough away that I can't remember how I close I was to that particular cavern.  So obtuse or not, my heart resonates with the Spirit of a Loving God. 

And I pray that much of your week is spent in thankfulness.

Prayer Requests
1.  Please pray that God would heal my body so it would work the way it's meant to work.

2.  My Favorite

3.  Women's Bible Study--oh, girls.  Oh, girls.  I can't even tell you where I believe God is going to take us here.  But I'm believing Him to show up.  Just you wait.

4.  A private request.

5.  My friend, Morgan, who is expecting her first child.  Please pray for a healthy, uneventful pregnancy.

I'm overwhelmed tonight with your graciousness.  I can never forget where I was.  And, as a result, I hope I can never forget Your Hand drawing me in that situation.  This week, remind everything that things come by Your Hand alone.  Help us to live this week in gratitude.  Draw us to our knees in prayer.  Push us to study Your Word and faithfully lead us to the things You want to teach us in this season of life.  Touch those who are participating.  I pray they would find encouragement in this group and Your Word.


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