Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It Holds Happiness in that One Horn

I am looking forward to the random unicorns that will now be making appearances at my house based on your promises alone.  By my estimation, I will be the proud owner of 3 unicorns some time before I die.

Kidding.  Only kidding.

But it's nice that someone else sees the worth of a one-horned animal that isn't a rhino.

And truthfully, couldn't you use a little more magic in your life?  If unicorns are representative of magic and happiness, I'm pretty sure I found the new decor for our front room.

Don't tell Favorite.  He won't find out until I put it up because he doesn't read my blog.

Shame on him, though.  One of my love languages might be reading my blog and he's totally missing out.  Although, he did build my house...  Eh.  That's a poor excuse to avoid my marvelous word weaving.

Marvelous, I tell you.

And speaking of marvelous, I've heard good things about MoroccanOil.  Apparently, it makes thin hair thick, thick hair managable, curly hair beautiful, dull hair shiny, shiny hair more noticable and adds bounce to any head of hair in dire need.  This is totally a product we need to test out, no? 

Apparently it's going to give you a completely new head of hair.  You're totally welcome.

Other amazing products?  Origins skintone correcting serum.

I might be posting all of this information about really amazing products because I just don't want to talk about the non-amazing things in my life today.  But I thank you for that opportunity...and I want to ask for your prayers as I embark on a journey to see what I hope is a truly amazing doctor.  I'm apprehensive.

But MoroccanOil might make up for it.


Sheena said...

have you been drinking? what are you talking about?

ktjane said...

Is there room for MoroccanOil in that horn too? You're crazy, but I love you!

CaseyRhea said...

Do you suppose unicorns are informed about the MoroccanOil, and have hair so shiny that we are blinded by its magnificence? I think so.