Friday, March 11, 2011

Colleagues, Long Nights and Parent/Teacher Conferences


You'll notice I didn't post last night.  Actually, my arrogant self is only hoping you noticed I didn't post last night because I need to know that someone reads my extremely random thoughts even though they don't, in any way, make any one's life better. 

Can you say neurotic?  And I have I mentioned I work with children? 

Well, last night was parent/teacher conferences and freshman orientation.  It's a LONG night for the faculty at my school, but it's also this weird bonding experience.  Since we're stuck in the building for so long and not even the most dedicated teacher can grade that entire time, we talk.  We joke.  We hang out.  And it reminds me how much I really enjoy the people I'm working with when we aren't stressing over the latest government attempt to make our job harder better.

I only had five conferences, but I felt like they were all worthwhile.  Typically, I have underlying anxiety about some parents, but this time I felt fairly confident that I had suggestions and praise for each student.  I had my last conference with a set of parents I've been meeting since their child entered high school and that's a little bittersweet.  He'll be a senior next year, and I do not teach senior English.

But instead of running out the door because I was SO thankful to be done for a week (and believe me, in a lot of ways I am--grading, anyone?), I was also a little sad to realize that the school year is moving so quickly.


ktjane said...

I'm just jealous you are on Spring Break! I have to wait a while still.

Aunt Diane said...

You make my life better when I read your thoughts. Thank you for that.