Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fat Tuesday

Today is my second real week of participating in Fat Tuesday.

I've really been praying that God would heal my body and allow it to work the way it's supposed to.  PCOS makes it difficult to lose weight, but I've been pleasantly surprised.  Last week I lost three pounds.  This week I'm down a total of five.

It's a win and a loss.  Five pounds is huge for me.  Normally, I would go several weeks without losing anything and then, after weeks of dieting, I might lose a half a pound.  So you can obviously see my excitement.  The thing that bothers me is that I had lost seven.  But one night of not being super careful (although, not completely overboard) and I gained two pounds.

But I'm going to focus on the successes and realize that, while I gained two pounds, I'm overall still showing a loss.  And I like feeling like I can actually do this myself after so many years of feeling like it was impossible.


Sheena said...

The danger in weighing every day...Mary told me that sometimes it takes your body 3-4 days to catch up and respond to whatever you've done to it. 5 is huge! Proud of you, friend.

Brooke said...

I'll be praying for you!:)