Monday, March 21, 2011

Finishing Touches

Tonight, I made a decision every woman agonizes over.

I bought lamps.

They really are gorgeous and a perfect fit for this area in my living room (at least, that's my opinion.  See below to form your own).  See, there are a couple of things people forget to tell you about building a house:
     1.  You will end up with dark spots even when you carefully plan your lighting.
     2.  You will be in need of light switches in places you never anticipated.

We solved both of these problems by purchasing twin lamps to put on either side of the credenza.  We have plugged one lamp (and when we get an extension cord, we'll add the other lamp) into a sensor that is connected to a lightswitch we screwed into the wall.  Problems?  Solved.  Plus, I think it's pretty cute.

At first I thought they should be taller, but if they get much taller, they'll hit the surround sound speakers.  Also, the lampshades are the same size.  The second one just looks smaller because it isn't plugged in.

Now I'm moving toward tables in the living room.  I liked the idea of these:

And I thought they would look nice beside my couch (on both sides).  It would provide a place to put glasses as well as plants or whatever decorative items I think might look nice.

And, since I promised they were coming, here's a picture of our weekend getaway to hold you until I get time to talk about it in detail.

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Anonymous said...

I've been lamp shopping for 7 months!! I would love to get my living room looking great. It's very drab, very brown. Hubby thinks if it's brown, it matches. And he went all out before I made it here. We are in Korea and decor shopping is not as easy as I thought it would be. Nice job on yours, love it. Love those tables too!